Important Message
We are a COVID Secure Dealership with 2m Social Distancing Measure in Place Within all Departments to Protect our Customers and Staff. We Thank You in Advance for Wearing Face Coverings inside the Sales Showroom, Service Reception and Customer Waiting Areas. Please Note That Due to The Ongoing Pandemic and to Give Our Staff Some Valuable Family Time We are Currently Closed on Sundays.

Vehicle Preparation


Here we have Managing Director - Stuart MacKinnon going through our Sales Vehicle Preparation Process at our purposely built off-site Preparation Centre. The Mackinnon family have extremely high standards and want every vehicle prepared to the same high standard so that our customers are delighted and do not have to worry about spending money on their new purchase.

Here our managing director Stuart MacKinnon will be giving us brief insight into how we prepare our vehicles for our retail customers.

Stage 1

The first stage of our preparation process is the Pre-wash stage. Before the vehicle enters our workshop, we ensure they receive a thorough clean to remove any contamination. 4X4 vehicles will receive an underbody and chassis steam clean.

Stage 2

Appraisal and servicing stage. Once the vehicle has received an extended road test it will enter onto the ramps and the technicians will work through a digital appraisal process highlighting any faults or problems with the vehicle which then will be rectified. Once we are content and happy with the vehicle, we will then progress through to servicing the vehicle which will ensure the vehicle is mechanically fit.

Stage 3

Cosmetic requirement and repair stage. All machine polishing, chips, scratches, dinks and dents are attended to onsite. We want all our vehicles prepared to the high standard you would expect.

Stage 4

Full valeting stage. As we all know the valeting stage will include the interior, exterior and any polish requirements. Also, any additional products such as DiamondBrite paint protection.

Stage 5

All vehicles will be deep cleaned using an air conditioning sanitisation spray that removes any bacteria in the air conditioning and the vehicle. Then we will wipe down any high Touch areas with antibacterial solutions and fit the vehicle with a protection kit without interfering with any of the pre-sanitised surfaces. At the end of the process we fit a Covid-19 sanitize sticker with the date and time completed.